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Love Letters




“Janet and Janelle,

I am sorry this is a little belated, but I wanted to email to say thank you so much for creating the most perfect and magical day for Andrew and I. Hopewood is such a divine property and it was an absolute dream to be married there. Everyone commented on how incredibly beautiful the property was, how amazing the food was and how well everything was organised. Your team is absolutely incredible and always so friendly and polite. I wish we could do it all again! The night became extra special when Tim opened up his gallery to show to our guests. So generous of him and incredibly special for everyone who walked through the gallery…. ”

- Love, the Bride

Wedding day: 23/03/2019
Testimonial 15/04/2019)


(Above: Lucy & Toby | December 2018)


Dear J,

Thank you. One couple said it’s exactly what they would want for their own wedding which I thought was a big compliment. A lot of people said they really loved the food and many said the venue/grounds were the stand-out for photos.

We didn’t really want to leave on Sunday. For us, staying on site made the whole event so much better. And having our best man/Maid of honor staying on site as well just makes it a lot less stressful too, having them close by.

Janet’s relaxed and flexible attitude to the venue was a massive plus in our opinion - it took the whole commercial aspect out of it which we felt was very clinical at other venues that we looked at initially.

Everyone kept saying beforehand “don’t worry if/when things go wrong” but as far as we could tell we didn’t even have a hiccup, which I think was all down to you.

Thanks for making the day so easy for us. I mentioned to Janet as we were leaving how professional and organized you were.

[ Jenny + Andrew / 24 NOV 2018 ]

Dear J,

Ladies, I really cannot begin to find enough words to thank you for all your effort and hard work in making Alexander and Kate's wedding absolutely perfect. Even Kevin and Egg performed on cue.

Janet, your beautiful home and grounds was the most perfect setting for a marriage that was surrounded by so much love. The whole scene and event was not an ostentatious vision for just wedding guests, but wrapped all our family and friends with warmth and welcoming.

Numerous comments included the words 'the best wedding and venue they had been to'.

Janelle, you were wonderful and at times going above and beyond. I thank you and your team of staff whom were completely amazing and professional too.

I wish you all the best with your future weddings and events. With kindest regards,

[ Mother of the Bride - A & K / 17 NOV 2018 ]

Dear J,

Oh my goodness - it was just THE BEST day.
We are riding so so high off all the love, support and positive energy.
It was, without doubt, the best day of our lives.

Where to start on Hopewood ... The total experience was above and beyond anything we could have ever imagined. Both yourself and Janet were amazing to deal with both in the lead up to and on the day - you made us feel totally at ease and we cannot thank you enough.

All our guests complimented us on our choice of venue - and commented on not only how beautiful the grounds were, but how the staff were super attentive and food was amazing!!

The day went so smoothly and I know this is all down to you running around like a headless chicken on our behalf and your incredible organisation skills.

We chose Hopewood as we fell in love with the atmosphere there and how Janet made us feel truly special - meeting you was the icing on the cake for us - and we feel so so lucky to have had the day we had on Sat.


We have our international guests here for a few more days and then we are back to our day jobs (sigh..) - but we are off on a honeymoon at Christmas!


[ Phoebe + Ben / 10 NOV 2018 ]

Dear J,

I wanted to write a brief note to thank you both for all your help and hard work in making P and B's wedding such a memorable and fantastic day.

Hopewood and the garden was an ideal setting, your staff friendly and efficient, and you even managed to ensure that the weather was perfect.

Many of the guests were saying that this was the best wedding that they had attended!

[ Father of the Bride / 10 NOV 2018 ]

Dear J,

Thank you for everything!

All your help in the lead up to our wedding and then the wedding itself!
It was the best day and your staff helped it go off without a hitch!
I couldn't imagine having my wedding in any other place, it was truly magaical!

Thank you for everything you did to help us, you are amazing!!

[ Elyse + Nick / 22 SEPT 2018 ]

Dear J,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We are so appreciative of everything that you and your team have done for us both on the day to the lead up to the wedding.

When we first met you and you said it is something special to be a Hopewood couple, it didn’t mean anything at the time. We now know - it’s a feeling that can’t be explained. We feel so honoured to be a Hopewood couple. It’s a day we will cherish forever.

Every wedding we have been to, you can always remember one or two stand out things about the venue and ceremony. Our guests have not stopped raving about the breathtaking venue, the amazing quality of food, the exceptional service, the floral arrangements, music and the hosts. They loved that both Tim and yourself joined the festivities. It brought such a personal touch to the day.

The success of the day (and rave reviews) are thanks to you and your guidance. We really appreciate your input and knowledge through the whole process. We know it’ll be a day that our friends and family will be talking about for awhile.

The wedding was so much more than we could have ever asked for.

Thank you once again so much for your kindness and assistance throughout what seems to be a stressful time for most couples.

[ 2018 ]

Dear J,

Apologies for such a delayed reply but we just returned this week from our honey moon.

The only feedback I have is that Hopewood House, and all the staff including yourself were absolutely incredible. I can’t thank you enough for your help and support throughout the process, and the day itself could not have flowed any better.

All of our guests commented on what a beautiful venue Hopewood House is and how incredible the food/staff/flow of events were. We could not be happier.

All the best in the future and thank you for making our day truly exceptional.

[ 2018 ]

Dear J,

What a wonderful wedding - such happy memories that will last a lifetime!!

We are still all basking in the joyous day made all the more special by you and the team at Hopewood House!! It really was the most perfect weekend!!

Thank you Janet for all you did - I know you went the extra mile for the happy couple and their guests and it did not go unnoticed - my New Zealand friends are still raving about your magnificent property and your wonderful hospitality.

Hopewood House is really New South Wales (if not Australia’s) best hidden secret - I do hope we will have the occasion to visit your beautiful home again!!

[ 2018 ]

Dear J,

I wanted to get in touch and thank you for everything, Immensely appreciate everything you all did for us to ensure our day was perfection!

Hopewood is just a magical place and is lucky to have a team like you all making sure it all goes smoothly, which I know that’s A LOT of hard work behind the scenes. You were very accommodating for us, which we are really thankful for and all our guests had the best night because of this.

Thank you all again for everything!

[ 2018 ]

Dear J,

My now, 3rd mother :)

Thank you for absolutely everything!

We know we are crazy all the time but you understood us right away and allowed our manic behavior to continue. We love you!

Unfortunately for you we will continue to visit…

And we have to have a proper dinner very soon!

[ 2016 ]

Dear J,

I can’t really find the words to express how grateful we are for all you have done.

Hopewood is the most beautiful property we have ever seen – You have absolutely made our day & our lives.

[ 2016 ]

Dear J,

Thank you so much for everything you did – we had the best day and weekend all thanks to you.

Your property is just so perfect and everyone commented on how magical the grounds were.

We feel truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to get married at Hopewood House!

It was more than we could have dreamt about.

[ 2016 ]

Dear J,

An earnest and heart felt thank you for all that you and your wonderful staff did to make the wedding so very memorable.

Your act of kindness in allowing the wedding guests to spend time in your home was greatly appreciated. Could you also thank Tim for that kind gesture. The presence of some of your children assisting on the day enhanced the feeling of family that is so important to us all. The professionalism of all of your staff prior to and on the day was exceptional. But a special thank's to you personally, for all that you did to make it all feel so very special.

Thank you again and I am sure that our paths will cross one day.

[ 2015 ]

Dear J,

Thank you so very much for making our BIG day more than we could have dreamed of. Hopewood House is simply stunning, and you have made it so.

I personally felt belessed to be invited into your family home, an oasis of calm on an exciting day. It truly is a privilege to be married in such a beautiful place. Our guests loved it! All the details you took care of, flowers in the restrooms, candles on the stairs etc – didn’t go unnoticed, thank you.

I love showing people our beautiful photos and singing the praises of Hopewood.

Thank you so very much for everything.

[ 2014 ]


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